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Year 4 have really enjoyed uncovering the story of Hamlet…

We started the week by looking at some of the objects that are involved in the story and then made predictions about why each object may be significant.


Welcome back…

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Welcome back to school and a very happy new year to you all!

We hope you had a fun filled, yet relaxing break.

Year 4 hit the ground running on Thursday and challenged themselves with an intense group works maths activity!


Enterprise Week…

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What a busy week we had at AVPS designing, creating, advertising and selling our Christmas products!


All this hard work paid off as we had an extremely successful Enterprise afternoon!!

A big well done to Year 3 and 4 and a big thank you to everyone who came to support!!

Christingle Assembly…

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The children have thoroughly enjoyed designing and building their Tudor house.

Instructional Writing…

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Our focus for the next couple of weeks is instructional writing, where we will eventually write instructions on how to make a Tudor house!

To help us with our writing, we had a go at giving and following instructions verbally. Here Year 4 are having a great time working in teams to build multi link models.


How many any children were successful at making an identical model? Were there instructions clear and precise?

Can you give/follow precise instrcutions?

Can you remember the features of instructional writing?

Well done to Olivia and Leo for being the first to demonstrate!
And a huge well done to all the children who managed to make identical models!!

Where do GERMS come from?

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Some Year 4 children were lucky enough to spend an afternoon participating in multi sports activities. The others were lucky enough to have a visit from some nurses from the hospital.

The children really enjoyed learning about germs and where they come from. All children viewed their hands under a UV light so they could see how quickly germs spread and the importance of washing their hands. They were then taught how to clean their hands thoroughly!

Anti Bullying Week…

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Year 4 have been really busy during our Anti Bullying Week at AVPS!

We spent a lot of time discussing what bullying is and what different types of bullying may look like. We also discussed the impact that bullying can have on the victims, the family and friends of those victims and the person who is participating in the bullying behaviour.

Finally we had conversations about why people may become a bully and the strategies we may use to overcome and deal with such behaviours!

We discussed what different types of bullying may look like and then created freeze frames to try and portray this.

Can you spot the different types of bullying in this freeze frames?

We wore odd socks to celebrate our differences!


As their class teacher, I was very impressed with the contributions all children made to our discussions on bullying and the fantastic ideas they came up with to deal with this important issue!

Experts at Estimation…

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We took our maths lesson outside and the children enjoyed estimating the length, height and width of different parts of the school!

We discussed where and why we might use estimation as well as discussing what units of measure would be most appropriate.

What can we use to help us make accurate estimations?

The Book Fair is Back…

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Book Fair will be open from 3:15-3:45 on Thursday 16th, Friday 17th and Monday 20th!

We are holding a competition!!!

To enter the competition you need to create an inspiring poster promoting reading to children in our school… The winner will receive a book of their choice from the book fair!

How FANTASTIC is that?


Competition time!

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